10 Restaurants to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Rome

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below post has been published in December 2010 by tavoleromane.
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Christmas season is in the air and everything in the streets reminds it to us: lights, decorations, red carpets, local Christmas markets and now even low temperatures. It’s time then to get ready to unwrap gift packages. Here is our little gift to Romans who remain in the city and Tourists visiting Rome during this holiday period: a selection of some recommended restaurants for Christmas lunch and New Year’s Eve dinner!

Click links for more information about restaurants and details on menus (it is specified the language for link contents).

Christmas Lunch
Christmas Eve dinner in Rome is traditionally anchored to home and the majority of restaurants close the doors, while it is spreading over time the habit to spend Christmas lunch comfortably seated at restaurant. So, where to go and what kind of meals to expect?

1) Vino e Camino (Rome): we have been only once at this recent Rome opening but we fall almost in a “love at first sight” and we know very well the restaurant from the same owners close to Bracciano lake. A place that we believe is one of the best for quality/price ratio in Rome historical center. Menu at 80€ + wines (menu details in Italian).

2) OS Club: a lot has been written about this new entry (opened few days ago) in the gastronomic scene of Rome, including different spaces and food offers (link to an English post about the Restaurant written by Katie Parla). Christmas buffet brunch with sweet and savoury at 60€ + drinks (25€ for children).

3) Osteria Le Coq: a “simple” cook with “fair” prices for this tavern/bistrot opened almost one year ago in Monteverde area. We have not yet had the opportunity to try it, but the various good comments on the web – in particular opinion and photos by Alessandro Bocchetti (link in Italian) – make us hoping well. Menu at 45€ + drinks (menu details in Italian).

4) Pascucci al Porticciolo (Fiumicino): one of the best quality/price ratio at the Rome sea side. No special menu on Christmas Day but the restaurant remains open and there is the possibility to choose à la carte or from their traditional tasting menu based on fish food (menu details in Italian) at 75 € + drinks.

5) Giuda Ballerino: a cuisine just awarded with a Michelin star, few steps from Cinecittà residential area an address where experimentation and emotions are at home. Osteria (Tavern) and Restaurant are “together” for Christmas lunch with a common menu at 70 € + drinks and “re-split” for New Year’s Eve, providing their own menu, Osteria at 85€ and Restaurant at 200€ (menu details in Italian).

New Year’s Eve dinner
If you are in Rome to celebrate the new year and you believe that good food is a fundamental element to start well it here you have our suggestions. For each restaurant we have matched – with a bit of irony – the wish we believe suits more for it.


1) Antico Arco: one of our favorite venues for more or less important celebrations. Few steps from Gianicolo terrace it has a plus to permit – with a short walk – a breathtaking view of Rome fires for New Year’s Eve. Menu at 200€ including initial wine and a bottle of champagne (menu details in English – see the “event” section). For a 2011 based on “la joie de vivre”.

2) Settembrini: a ” food project” much appreciated in 2010, including restaurant, cafè and book store/take away. The restaurant – nice but not too luxury environment – is running since 5 years and it is now a certainty with a cuisine leaded by the well-known chef Luigi Nastri and Luca Boccoli as sommelier. Menu at 130€ + drinks, it can be combined with a tasting of champagne at 70€ (menu details in Italian – including also a description of their offer for Christmas Eve dinner takeaway). For a “foodie” 2011.

3) Margutta RistorArte: a vegetarian solution in downtown for those who want to continue celebrations after dinner between Piazza di Spagna and surroundings. Fine and colorful atmosphere, with some contemporary art exposure. Menu at 120€ + wines (menu details in English). For a “green” 2011.

4) La Tana der Porpo: on via Boccea a few kilometers outside the City, a restaurant led by the passionate chef Carmine Salierno, designed for lovers of good fish, with prices beyond belief for Rome. Menu at 75€ (menu details in Italian). For a “fresh” 2011.

5) Glass Hostaria: a Michelin star modern restaurant in the heart of Trastevere, with chef Cristina Bowerman providing a warm welcome together with Fabio Spada. Needless to say more for this well known address. Menu at 170€ including initial wine and champagne to celebrate the new year (menu details in English). For a “sparkling” 2011.

5b) Antica Osteria L’Incannucciata: one of the most appreciated chef for roman cuisine – Dino de Bellis – offers a revision oriented to the “sea”  for the traditional roman menu. His restaurant is located few kilometers north from downtown, in Cassia-Giustiniana area. Menu at 80€ + drinks, it can be combined with a tasting of wines and champagne glasses at 20€ (menu details in Italian). For a “roman” 2011.
[updated the 23rd of December]

We wish you to enjoy food and Christmas period in Rome!

Pictures: Adnkronos, Dissapore

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